Our Philosophy

You don’t have to be a professional to spot a bad translation. Often it’s just a case of mistaken grammar, strange word usage, or perhaps even words that don’t exist. The language just doesn’t sit right, although you probably get what they’re trying to say. But what if there’s not a problem with the language? Some translations read perfectly fine, but say something completely different than the original. The former may only give a bad impression, but the latter can be confusing, or even outright dangerous in some cases.

…our clients can’t afford to sacrifice readability…

At Linguasmith, our clients can’t afford to sacrifice readability – and certainly not the safety of the reader – just to save a few bucks. They come to us because they know that we are professionals, and that each and every translation we produce is both natural and accurate.


Our translators are experienced professionals, which is why we don’t attempt to translate into a second language. All of our translations are handled by a native-speaker of the target language, which ensures that the product is natural and highly readable.


But natural alone isn’t enough. That’s why all of our translations are checked for accuracy by a native-speaker of the source language, ensuring that each one communicates the intended message of the original – nothing more, and nothing less.

While we pride ourselves in the quality of our translations, we know that the translation is not everything. It’s just one piece of the puzzle, and we know that our clients are juggling all of those pieces. That’s why it’s important to us to not only offer a natural and accurate translation, but to offer flexibility as well.

…we know that the translation is just one piece of the puzzle…


Being a small team, we’re not trying to juggle tons of employees and tons of jobs all at once. We have the leeway to adapt to the needs of our clients, and there’s no middle-man, meaning no jumping through hoops to talk to the translator.