In a world as connected as ours is today, we can’t afford to let the language barrier hold us back. But the hurdle is particularly high when it comes to Japanese and English. Luckily for you, translation is our forte. Let us help you reach a whole new audience. Request a free quote now!

We work with general content in both language pairs. General content means content that does not contain area-specific terminology or require knowledge specific to a certain area. But we also work with area-specific content as well. Click on a tab above to see our specializations for that language pair.


  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Software
  • Health & Fitness
  • Linguistics
  • Games
  • Computers
  • Cinema/TV/Drama

Other working areas:

  • Travel/Tourism
  • Nutrition
  • Multimedia
  • Certificates/Diplomas
  • Literature
  • Cooking
  • Internet
  • And more…
  • Education
  • Music
  • Networking


  • Corporate Training
  • News/Current Events
  • Business Documents
  • Market Research
  • Intellectual Property
  • Education

Other working areas:

  • Finance
  • Mobile Games/Apps
  • Government
  • Arts & Film
  • Energy
  • And more…


In addition to normal translation, we also offer a service called transcreation in the Japanese to English language pair. While translation is enough to get a message across, transcreation focuses on eliciting the same emotional response from the target audience. Transcreation is truly adapting a text to the target language and culture. Think of it as copywriting, where all of the details like message, tone, style, etc. are already defined in the source text.

Transcreation is truly adapting a text to the target language and the target culture.

Trados 2007/2011 SupportedWe can assist with projects that require SDL Trados 2007 or SDL Trados Studio 2011.
We can also work with Across if needed.