A picture may be worth a thousand words, but you don’t really get to pick which ones. When the need arises, let us help you by adding subtitles to your video. Make an inquiry →

If you just need the subtitle translation and can handle any time coding and video editing on your own, we would be glad to assist you. We can provide the subtitles in most non-proprietary subtitle formats, as well as a few proprietary formats. Of course we would be happy to provide the translation in other common formats like Word, Excel, or even plain text. If you need assistance with time coding or embedding the subtitles, click on the above tabs to learn more.

Time codes specify when the subtitles should appear on the screen, and when they should disappear. Without proper time coding, your subtitled video will be difficult to follow, and will leave a bad impression on the viewer. If you are unable to time code subtitles on your own, we would be happy to provide this service for you. Note that time coding must be precise, and thus greatly increases the time required to produce a finished subtitle translation.

You can have a great translation with perfect time codes, but if you can’t add those subtitles to your video then they won’t do you much good! If you’re unable to embed the subtitles yourself, we would be glad to assist you. Simple editing like font, colors, and basic positioning is also possible. We would be happy to discuss more extensive editing like scene transitions, as well. Please note that you must be able to provide a high-quality copy of the original video in order for us to deliver you a high-quality embedded version.


Subtitle translation is generally priced per video minute. Major factors affecting price include whether or not a script is provided, quality of the audio, the type of content, and the required turnaround. Time coding and embedding subtitles will also increase overall cost. Please provide as many details as possible when making an inquiry.

File Formats

We can provide subtitles in all non-proprietary formats, such as SRT, SUB, ASS, etc. While we do not use proprietary subtitling software, we can provide subtitles in many proprietary formats (Swift, Spruce, etc.) as well. However, please note that these files may not contain any extra information that might be included when creating the subtitles using that software.